One of the most crucial factors in the design and fabrication of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries is chemistry.

The percentage of pure lead and acid used in the manufacturing process contributes to a battery’s energy capacity, longevity, safety and ability to hold its charge.

CSB Batteries is recognised as an industry leader by committing to using only 99% pure lead and acid in its products chemical composition.

Additionally, the company has developed rigorous testing methodologies to ensure the highest levels of performance safety, compliance and the reduction of its manufacturing process’ impact on the environment.

Using CSB’s patented CCDS (Computer charge discharge system) test methodology, every product undergoes rigorous scrutiny so that manufacturers can choose CSB batteries with confidence.

CSB batteries are manufactured to ISO 14011 & 18001 standards, are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.

The company’s products are a crucial component of products manufactured in over 100 countries and deliver unmatched performance across a range of industries including telecommunications, UPS, Solar, Wind Power, emergency lighting and security.

UPS Power Solutions is the exclusive distributor of CSB Batteries in New Zealand and chose to represent the brand and its products in 2013 after meticulous examination into the performance, safety and availability of CSB products.

CSB Battery Co. was established in 1987 and purchased by Hitachi Chemical Energy Co. in 2015. CSB supplies over 4 million batteries per month from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. The company employs over 2500 people and its products are used in over 100 countries worldwide.