As industry leaders in power quality infrastructure, UPS Power Solutions recognises its responsibility to provide access to cutting edge UPS technology and guidance in UPS electrical design, operation and maintenance.

Pleased to welcome a team from Engineering New Zealand to its Wellington Headquarters in September 2020, UPS Power Solution’s James Clark and Graham Blackmore delivered a unique, hands-on learning experience that is not able to be gained on live sites.

Beginning with a technical session on UPS and battery technology, External Bypass Switch design, proven UPS electrical design and high availability parallel 2N versus N+1 topologies, attendees where primed and ready to visit the UPSPS workshop for live demonstrations.

“We’ve learned that there’s no better way to improve knowledge and capability than physically using the equipment. We’ve designed a series of live demonstrations that showcase UPS devices operating in different scenarios and impacted by various power situations,” says UPS Power Solutions Engineering Manager, James Clark.



The Engineering New Zealand team were taken through the differences in standby, line interactive and online UPS technologies and how the load was supported.

A demonstration of bypass switching for both single-phase and three-phase UPS units followed, illustrating how the UPS could be switched in and out of service without impact to the protected load. There were two three phase UPS systems set up with battery strings and External bypass switches.

The Engineers were all involved with the interactive session and experienced starting up, bypassing, shutting down, and activating an emergency power off on the demonstration unit. “This provides real life UPS switching in and out of service for UPS maintenance and replacement without impact to the critical site load,” says UPS Power Solutions Sales Director, Graham Blackmore.

The experience is designed to provide hands-on understanding of UPS design and capabilities, assisting engineers with decision making in the event of a power outage or interruption and providing insight into what equipment and operational approaches will suit different sites. 

UPS Power Solutions is delighted to be able to offer this type of experience and appreciated the Engineering New Zealand team for participating.


On behalf of the Engineering New Zealand Electrical Engineering Group I’d like to thank the team at UPS Solutions for not only hosting us but for providing a truly unique learning opportunity. The evening started with an overview of UPS technologies together with their design, operation, and maintenance considerations. Following the presentation, we then got to enter the workshop to see physical examples of each UPS type in operation and given the unique opportunity to get ‘hands on’ and operate each UPS.

Chris Lambell – Engineering New Zealand Group 

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