PowerShield’s continuous battery monitoring is key to maximising your investment in your stand-by batteries and having the confidence they will work in the event of power failure.

More Up

Have confidence there is sufficient battery capacity to maintain systems for the designated time in the event of a power failure.

More Out

Ensure the battery bank is maintained in an optimum environment to maximise performance and life.

No Surprises

Identify faults and weaknesses in the battery bank early so preventative maintenance and replacement can be done in a safe and orderly way.


Battery management helps you to mitigate the health and safety risks associated with manually testing batteries.


1. Tests more parameters than manual testing with a multi meter, including:

  • individual battery voltage, impedance and temperature
  • string current and voltage
  • ambient temperature

2. 24/7 Real time visibility of battery health at the individual battery level.  Identify potential problems early.

3. Analytics and reporting to assist in life cycle management to proactively budget and plan for replacement when it is required.  Optimise battery life and return on investment by replacing batteries at the correct time.

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