Our vision is a world in which businesses work hand in hand with their staff and customers for the common good of the environment and the wider community. The Helping Hands Initiative has been established to promote and deliver meaningful change and positive participation for the betterment of our wider community and environment.  Our support of Trees that Count fits neatly into our vision and it is a cause that we are proud to support.

So far our support totals 211 new native trees planted in New Zealand, helping to remove 50 tonnes of carbon from the environment.

We have supported two planters.

The Forest at the Heart of Wellington in the central Wellington Town Belt on Mt Victoria and at Bethells Road in Auckland.

The Bethells Road planning is in a steep gully that feeds into a neighbouring wetland and then stream system. The plan is to retire this gully from farming as it is creating too much erosion that will then enter the waterways, as well as preventing nutrients from animal waste. We want healthy waterways!

Many of the team at UPS Power Solutions enjoy getting into the outdoors and enjoying our beautiful county. Hiking, surfing and fishing are in our plans for the summer and it is a privilege to Back our Backyard!


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