UPS Power Solutions has donated funds from the Helping Hands Initiative to Trees that Count.
Working to counteract the effects of global warming and climate change is an important consideration for the company, making Trees That Count a worthy target for a Helping Hand.

The donated funds will enable the planting of 111 trees by Conservation Volunteers New Zealand on Wellington’s Mt Victoria in the ‘Forest at the Heart of Wellington’ project.

These trees are estimated to remove about 11.897 tonnes of carbon during the first 50 years of their lifetime.

The ‘Forest at the Heart of Wellington’ is an ambitious project involving volunteers from schools, communities, and corporations in the planting of 65,000 native trees in the central Wellington Town Belt on Mount Victoria. The aim of this project is to create a greener, healthier environment within the city, restore indigenous biodiversity and showcase to the nation how humans and nature can thrive in the same place.

Trees that Count has counted 31,768,670 native trees planted in New Zealand since 2016 which will help to remove about 3,428,341 tonnes of carbon from our atmosphere. The Trees that Count community believes that “Together, we can all make an impact on climate change and improve our environment.”

Many of the UPS Power Solutions team enjoy heading into nature for exercise and enjoyment in their free time. We are blessed to live in a beautiful country where getting into nature is possible.

Helping to grow a forest to improve our environment locally and for the carbon offset to our business operations was a no-brainer for our Helping Hands Initiative.

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