Manawatu Amateur Radio Society is a community focused organisation that maintains equipment and capabilities in the use of HAM radio communications.

The Society’s members enjoy radio communications as a hobby, however in the event of an emergency or catastrophe there is a very real risk that modern communications technology could be effected.

If the worst were to happen, Manawatu Amateur Radio Society along with many similar groups around the country have the equipment and skilled operators to deliver reliable communications for Search and Rescue and Civil Defence operations at various levels.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications organisation (AREC) was formed in 1932 after the Napier Earthquake and since then, communications have been provided for thousands of emergency events ranging from searches to natural disasters to civil emergencies and for total or partial loss of telephone communications.

The word ‘Amateur’ in AREC means only that they are unpaid. Their goal has always been to achieve the highest professional standards. Members are drawn from every walk of life and all professions.

UPS Power Solutions perform a similar role in being prepared to assist communities in the event of an emergency and happily donated a collection of CSB batteries to the Society as part of its “Helping Hands Initiative” to support the excellent work they do.

Below is a letter of thanks from Manawatu Amateur Radio Society President, Warren Crawley.

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