Each year, around 75,000 New Zealand patients access high quality elective surgical procedures from the country’s largest network of private surgical hospitals.

Southern Cross Hospitals (SCHL) performs an important role in improving the health of New Zealanders and the not-for-profit organisation invests financial surpluses into new facilities, staff expertise, and innovations to improve patient health and safety.

Key to delivering this value is ensuring the hospitals’ clinical operations can continue safely irrespective of what the mains power is delivering.

Surgical operations, anaesthetics and advanced imaging machines all require clean and continuous power. To achieve a high level of confidence in its power supply, SCHL partnered with UPS Power Solutions in 2010.

Consequently, the network of hospitals is equipped with the most robust, reliable and cost-efficient UPS and battery systems to underpin the vital medical infrastructure.

Along with premium hardware, UPS Power Solutions also deliver a thorough maintenance and life cycle management service which extends equipment service life and further safeguards continued supply of clean power.

UPS maintenance service is performed twice per year across the network and incorporates in-depth reporting. This provides hospital management with full visibility of equipment service-life cycles, making budget considerations and scheduling remedial and maintenance work a proactive endeavour.

Real-time reporting is available to SCHL though customised remote monitoring of every installed UPS across the network. The remote monitoring solution was commissioned by UPS Power Solutions engineers to present the specific current and historic information that the hospitals’ facilities managers require access to.

In the unlikely event that a component fails the robust system design means that power continues to be supplied and the impacted equipment bypassed. Repair services are available 24/7 with a focus on restoring back up power protection promptly and avoiding any disruption to services.


  • Specialist advice in designing and planning back-up power system
  • Best in class preventative maintenance services
  • Real time remote monitoring, tailored to each facility
  • Life-cycle management of installed equipment
  • Forecasting end-of-life replacements and future demand

“The supply, maintenance and monitoring package provides integrity and conformity to our infrastructure from Auckland to Invercargill. Standardisation allows rapid response to faults and maintenance, both important in managing risk”

Neil Purdie, National Building Services Manager – Southern Cross Hospitals

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