UPS Power Solutions is proud to recognise 10 years of outstanding service from our engineering manager James Clark.

James joined the company at 22 years of age and has been a pivotal part of our growth and success over the past ten years. James had been qualified as an electrician for  just over one year when he began working to learn many of the skills and competencies our customers rely on today. Before joining UPSPS James had worked with the APC by Schneider Electric range of UPS products. This knowledge was an important factor during our assessment of the range to confirm its suitability for our customers.

He earned his promotion to engineering manager in 2019, recognising that his knowledge and capability provides our customers confidence that we have industry-leading expertise across the board. No matter which of our engineers is delivering a solution, having James or Graham overseeing the project is a significant  indication that a solution will be fit-for-purpose and effective.

Always a cheerful, supportive and dedicated member of our team, we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and celebrating James’s significant personal milestones, beginning with his moving out of home and buying his first home, to meeting and marrying his wonderful wife Beckie and the births of both of their beautiful children.

As well as being a crucial member of our team and an important factor in our ability to deliver excellent outcomes to our customers, James is also an important part of the UPS Power Solutions family and we look forward to sharing many more professional and personal milestones with him. Congratulations James, we couldn’t be prouder of what you’ve achieved or more delighted to have you in our team.

James joins Nicky and Graham Blackmore and Annette Bovey as the fourth person in the UPSPS family to reach the ten year mark. He was presented with an award to recognise the occasion, pictured below with Annette’s which was presented in 2018.

It’s important to us that the effort and commitment of our colleagues is recognised and below is an overview of others in the UPS Power Solutions family and their current milestones. This will now be permanently showcased on the Our Team page of the UPSPS website.

10 Year Club

  • Graham Blackmore
  • Nicky Blackmore
  • Annette Bovey
  • James Clark

5 Year Club

  • Sam Lingman
  • Anita Thomas
  • Ross Sullivan



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