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Uninterrupted Q3

UPS Power Solutions Newsletter Q3 2018


Seeing into the future, UPS Power Solutions, Eaton 93PS UPS and CSB batteries protecting eye operations.

Protecting your vitals, deploying infrastructure in atypical locations.

Raritan iPDU, the […]

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Uninterrupted Q2

UPS Power Solutions Newsletter Q2 2018


UPS Power Solutions, Eaton UPS and CSB batteries safeguards $240million Southland nutrition plant

There will be power outages – But they don’t have to be your problem

Eaton Black […]

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NZ Reported power outages up 36%

Eaton has just released the Blackout Tracker Annual Report for 2017.  This annual report is based on reported outages and overall, in 2017 the number of blackouts across New Zealand […]

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Uninterrupted #14

UPS Power Solutions Customer Newsletter #14.


  • Launching the Zellabox Micro Data Centre to New Zealand
  • UPS Protection to rely on – a case study
  • How can you take time off […]
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