In June 2018 a partnership between UPS Power Solutions and Schneider Electric was established for the representation and support of the APC brand of products. The range includes Server Racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Enclosures, Cooling, Network cards, Peripherals, the Smart-Connect management software and APC’s full range of UPS models

UPS Power Solutions is an APC Premier Partner and Certified Service Partner for all APC products in New Zealand. With factory-trained engineers and extensive expertise in the supply of clean, consistent power solutions, this means great things for New Zealand businesses that require the very best protection for their critical systems, equipment and processes.

Graham Blackmore  |  Sales Director, UPS Power Solutions

Graham Blackmore is one of New Zealand leading UPS and power quality experts and established UPS Power Solutions in 2003. The company prioritises customer service and designing the best solution from the equipment manufacturers the company represents to deliver fit-for-purpose power solutions..

“Broadening the range of products that we use to deliver tailored power solutions was a decision made with our customers’ needs as the primary consideration.

We stress the importance of fit-for-purpose solutions, designed and delivered based on sound engineering principles. This is crucial when we assess the feasibility of new products and equipment and after a rigorous examination of the quality and performance of the APC range, we were comfortable that it offers both reliability and value for our customers.

With APC we have further broadened our product offer to suit different markets and industries as well as better support the wider UPS market, a good example of this is APCs cooling offer. Schneider Electric contributes 5% of annual turnover to research and development regardless of company performance which means continuous technology innovations are accessible to our customers.

APC have demonstrated a real willingness to provide our team with as much support and additional expertise as possible. Our engineers have undergone factory training and have access to Schneider’s technical experts so at this early stage, we are feeling well supported.

At the core of this partnership is a synergy of values. APC’s solutions and customer focussed approach is one that fits perfectly with ours and the outcome can only be better solutions and better protected New Zealand infrastructure.”

Liz Hatton  |  Strategic Account Manager, UPS Power Solutions

Liz Hatton has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the New Zealand UPS market and was one of the first APC employees in the country, joining in June 2000, only months after they commenced trading in New Zealand.

“Versatility and choice are the primary advantages our partnership with APC delivers. As more non-traditional power requirements emerge, our engineers require best-in-class tools to deliver bespoke power solutions for new and exciting applications.

Technology is becoming increasingly important to business and is changing the way we measure, allocate and rely on power so only the most capable and innovative products are considered for our customers.

APC is a quality option for New Zealand business and further enhances our ability to deliver customers total confidence in their power strategy.”

Jamie Corrigan  |  Reseller Partner Manager, APC by Schneider Electric

Jamie Corrigan heads up the APC Partner relationship in New Zealand and was instrumental in establishing the representation agreement with UPS Power Solutions.

“The key consideration in engaging a new party to represent and support APC products in the marketplace is that ideally we are looking for a partnership not solely a vendor supplier arrangement. From the very beginning we knew we needed an organisation with a ‘customer-first’ philosophy. UPS Power Solutions has long been regarded as the country’s leading distributor of power solutions and services and is solely focused on deliverables for customers. This ethos was aligned with our own core company values. Our customers can now access enhanced service capability, UPS system design and enjoy rapid turn-around from the best in the business.

As solutions and integrations become more sophisticated with the Internet of Things and Edge Computing, we welcome a partner that is accomplished in the delivery of non-traditional deployments and leads the way in expertise and delivery.

Beyond their proven engineering expertise and the value UPS Power Solutions brings to our brand and associated products, it was the synergies between our organisations that made it the right fit. A customer-first approach, backed by a hardworking and dedicated team of people who have been in the industry for a very long time and continue to evolve as the market changes is a philosophy we share and it is a vital ingredient in any partnership for APC.”

Joe Craparotta  |  VP Strategic Customers and Segments, APC by Schneider Electric

Joe Craparotta is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry who has experience in many of the technological convergence shifts seen in the industry to date. Joe has held senior leadership positions across the IT, Industry and Energy Business Units within Schneider Electric and his current role sees him leading the Secure Power Division which is heavily involved in the Data Centre Segment.

“Through our EcoStruxure driven solutions approach, we help customers identify what their digital strategy looks like and what success and failure looks like for their business. What’s delivered is a fit-for-purpose, tailored solution that addresses their unique power requirements and identifies their unique cost of downtime. There’s no one better to deploy and maintain these solutions to New Zealand businesses than UPS Power Solutions.”


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