Zellabox was first developed in Perth, Australia and has undergone constant evolution through research and development along with customer feedback and satisfying unique requirements. The company began production in 2010 and found particular success delivering portable solutions that could withstand the rigours of the Australian mining industry.

No more server rooms

Developed with an emphasis on reducing energy costs and saving space for businesses, Zellabox Micro Datacentres remove the need to build dedicated server rooms. The robust, portable, pre-configured datacentre solutions require minimal real-estate and run quietly enough to be situated in office space or reception environments. On-board heat management and no local heat generation protects and extends the life of critical infrastructure and you’ll require no local IT support for the Zellabox.

IT deployed anywhere

Companies can now deploy IT infrastructure wherever and whenever it is required, even in the toughest environments thanks to Zellabox’s IP65 rating. Available in 12U, 25U and 38U there is a solution to suit all requirements and being locally deployed negates the latency and bandwidth limitations of the cloud as well as removing concerns around data security. A Zellabox will deliver standardisation and control, improve power management, reduce your operating costs, increase your flexibility and business mobility, be quick to install, operate in a variety of environments and allow you to move your IT infrastructure at your convenience.

  • Deploy IT anywhere
  • IP65 for harsh environments
  • Near-silent running for office environments
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Huge real-estate saving
  • Integrated heat-management
  • 12U, 25U and 38U models
  • Maximum security

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