42U Rack

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IT availability and reliability are critical issues in todayÕs demanding, mission-critical environments. It is important to ensure stable conditions for your complex server and software system architecture.

EatonÕs E Series offers a rugged, durable platform with exceptional value for network, server and telecommunication applications.
E Series is vendor neutral and guaranteed to accommodate all TIA/EIA 310-D equipment, making it ideal for small to medium data centres.

It all begins with a diverse range of rack enclosures and accessories for your network closets, computer rooms and data centres. Enclosure Solutions from Eaton represent the first critical step in planning an ideal data centre, complementing a comprehensive power quality and management portfolio that includes rack-mount UPSs and enclosure based power distribution units (ePDUÕs).


  • Exceeds major IT equipment air flow requirements
  • Highly functional and stylish, value packed and competitively priced
  • Perforated doors exceed server air flow requirements
  • Split rear doors minimize floor space requirements and provide ease of instillation and maintenance
  • Depth adjustable 19Ó vertical mounting rails in 6.35mm increments
  • ÒUÓ numbers printed on rails
  • Quick release and field reversible doors
  • 42U x 600W cabinet with castors fits through standard doorway
  • Two piece lockable side panels provide easy access to interior
  • Available in flat-pack for convenient delivery – Quick assembly time, approximately 30 minutes

Standard Models

ESR61027 – 27U, 600W, 1000D, Assembled, with castors
ESR61042 – 42U, 600W, 1000D, Assembled, with castors
ESR81042 – 42U, 800W, 1000D, Assembled, with castors
ER61027-FP 27U, 600W, 1000D, Flat Packed, Unassembled – No castors
ER61042-FP 42U, 600W, 1000D, Flat Packed, Unassembled – No castors


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