APR48-3G Rectifier

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Eaton APR48-3G Access Power Rectifiers are designed specifically for network access applications such as cellular base stations, customer premises equipment and road-side cabinet installations. The new generation 3G architecture of the APR48-3G Access Power Rectifier has improved space utilisation so rack space can be maximised for use with telco equipment and not power equipment. The APR48-3G size has been reduced by approximately 50% with an increase of power output by 20%, over the previous model. This more than two-fold increase in its power density allows as little as 2U of rack space to be occupied by power.

Operating with the Eaton SC200 system controller, the APR48-3G rectifier modules will provide years of cost-effective, and trouble free service for your 48V network access equipment.


  • Up to 1440W of continuous output power
  • Fast on-line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap)
  • Automatic set-up from supervisory module
  • Intelligent microprocessor controlled
  • High power density
  • High efficiency and unity power factor
  • Wide AC supply conditions
  • Wide output voltage ranges
  • Constant current output
  • Compliance with international standards