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Even in the most secure data centres and equipment closets, power quality can suffer, and environmental conditions can become hazardous for UPS systems and other sensitive components. For example, high-density UPS and power management equipment generates more heat than ever within racks and UPS system enclosures. Heat-related issues cause 60 percent of hardware downtime, by some estimates.

Other environmental power quality threats such as humidity, water leaks, smoke and cabinet intrusions can be just as devastating. If the UPS rack environment isn’t supervised at the equipment level, 24/7, how would you know? The Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor (ERM) continuously monitors environmental conditions at the rack level, providing an extra level of security for critical assets.

The primary application is for high-density data centres, but this compact, full-featured device can monitor conditions in laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, libraries, museums, and any other indoor location where the environment must be maintained within acceptable levels.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 temperature and humidity sensors for monitoring at two locations in a rack/room.
  • 4 sensor input connections for smoke, water leaks, vibration or intrusion/door switch dry-contact input.


In stock

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