Rack Transfer Switch

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Intelligent Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch

Raritan's hybrid rack transfer switch system is the first in the world to offer both electromechanical relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to overcome the limitations of a traditional automatic transfer switch (ATS).

It provides load transfer times that are comparable to that of a static transfer switch (STS), more energy efficiently, and at a far more accessible price point. It is also the first in the world to offer inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level power metering; and outlet-level switching for better remote power control.

Raritan's rack transfer switch offers:

  • Current sampling at 4,800 times per second for load transfers within 4 to 8ms.
  • Oversized relays, rated at 48A, and SCRs, rated at 70A, even though the transfer switches are intended for 16A and 32A loads.
  • Relay contact air gap of 3.3mm vs. the 0.6mm gap used in most transfer switch relays on the market to prevent electric arcing.
  • Two single throw relays instead of one double throw relay (a single point of failure) to support reliable out-of-phase transfers.
  • Inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level metering.
  • Remote outlet switching. 


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