SC200 Controller

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The SC200 System Controller is an advanced control and monitoring solution for the Eaton Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core Solutions. It provides a full suite of advanced communications options, including built-in Ethernet interface, Web server, and SNMP agent. Alarm notifications may be by SNMP traps, SMS, dial-out to PowerManagerII remote monitoring software, or relay contact closures. The SC200 is supplied preconfigured with either a default configuration file, or with one factory customized for a particular application. This ensures fast and problem free installation.


  • Ethernet interface built-in
  • SNMP agent
  • Battery mid-point monitoring
  • Eaton Fuel Saver
  • SMS alarm messages (with GSM modem)
  • Comprehensive system control functions
  • Color display with user-friendly menus
  • Complies with international standards
  • Language options
  • Optional extra I/O boards or SiteSure-3G modules for expansion
  • Smart Alarms
  • Modbus
  • Battery time remaining during discharge