Like many businesses, UPS Power Solutions responded to the Covid-19 threat by moving staff to work from home. 

Our staff have access to our server via terminal services and VPN using company laptops so Infrastructure sorted – right?

There is one flaw in this plan and its back-up power in the event of power outage. Yes, laptops have their own battery which provides some business continuity in the event of power outage, but access to our server relies on our teams’ home internet connection.

Ensuring that our staff can work from home even in a power outage was a key consideration in our Business Continuity Planning and in our Covid-19 planning. Small UPS units were provided to ensure that communications were maintained even in power outages.

On Tuesday 24th March, one of our Senior UPS Engineers, Sam Lingman was working from home in Pakuranga, Auckland when his suburb suffered a total power outage that lasted close to two hours.

The local shopping centre was evacuated with shoppers leaving their goods in stores and unable to complete purchases due to tills and eftpos systems losing power.

Sam was able to continue working throughout as his Eaton 3S continued to provide power to his router and ONT.

“I was able to continue working uninterrupted, liaise with the team and access the company server. The laptop battery would have given me an hour or so but without the Eaton 3S I’d have had no internet I’d have been completely isolated without the tools I need to assist our customers and continue working,” says Lingman.

The user installable Eaton 3S UPS helps to protect your computer equipment in case of everyday events such as lightning strikes, storms, over-demand on the utility grid, accidents, and natural disasters knocking out power without warning.



It also protects telephone, broadband and Ethernet lines from ‘back door’ power surges. The Eaton 3S is a compact unit that fits easily on or under your desk or can be wall-mounted.

Sam has an older generation 3S at his place, the stylish new generation black and white 3S is available in 600VA and 850VA sizes and features USB powered outlets for charging devices such as cell phones and tablets.

If you suffered a power cut would you be able to continue to work from home?

Would your business lose revenue like Sam’s local shopping centre?

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