3-5-9 Power Problems Concept

//3-5-9 Power Problems Concept
3-5-9 Power Problems Concept 2018-05-23T16:28:48+12:00

There are 9 main power problems that can harm your computers and corrupt your data.

UPS Power Solutions can provide products to overcome all these problems, from a basic solution through to complete protection.

1. Power Failure

A total loss of utility power.

2. Power Sag

Short term low voltage.

3. Power Surge

Short term high voltage above 110% of nominal.

4. Undervoltage (Brownout)

Reduced line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days.

5. Overvoltage

Increased line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days.

6. Electrical Line Noise

High frequency waveform caused by RFI or EMI interference.

7. Frequency Variation

A change in frequency stability.

8. Switching Transient

Instantaneous undervoltage (notch) in the range of nanoseconds.

9. Harmonic Distortion

Distortion of the normal waveform generally transmitted by non-linear loads.


Level 3: Standby UPS, Basic Solution: protection from 3 problems

Level 5: Line-Interactive UPS, Intermediate Solution: protection from 5 problems

Level 9: Online Double Conversion, Complete Solution: protection from all 9 problems

Surge Protection should be added upstream to protect your UPS internal electronics and connected equipment from high surges and lighting strikes.