UPS Power Solutions has a long history of providing clean power solutions for Dairy plants throughout New Zealand.

We have been able to draw on this experience to deliver Eaton UPS and CSB battery systems for the $240million nutritional plant currently under construction in Southland.

Bernard May, general manager at Mataura Valley Milk Australasia said in the April 2018 Issue of Business South, “We’re absolutely confident that right here now, we’re building the world’s best nutritional formula plant … [people that have seen the site] are blown away with, not only the scale of what’s getting built, but also the [robotic] technology that’s being incorporated in the plant. Given that we are building a brand-new plant, it allows for us to put all the most modern technology together onto one site at one time.”

This state of the art technology relies on clean uninterrupted power and it is imperative that plant operations are not impacted by dirty power or loss of power. The vital UPS and battery systems deployed range in size from 750VA to 20KVA and support critical plant operations including processing operations, dryers, boilers, administration and security.

May goes on to say, “One of the advantages of a project of this size is that you get a lot of good people coming together on one site…… we have the best people we could find to build this plant.”

UPS Power Solutions engineer, Ross Sullivan, has just commissioned the UPS systems onsite ahead of commercial production which is scheduled to start in August.

Two things matter in industry – results and relationships. Partnering with UPS Power Solutions and selecting Eaton UPS equipment and CSB batteries ensures the Matarua Valley Milk project is supported by experienced, knowledgeable people providing the critical plant operations with a clean reliable power supply.

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