At UPS Power Solutions we understand our critical role in keeping our customers’ vital systems up and running and that some of our customers are providing essential services under alert level 4 for covid-19.

Planned Onsite Services

Our engineering team is critical to our service provision. Our assessment is that it’s possible for our Engineers to maintain social distance as they undertake their work on customer premises.

Our Engineers have all been briefed regarding the Ministry of Health’s advice on steps to take to minimise the spread of Covid-19. They have been provided with sanitized wipes, full face visors and P2 facial respirators to offer further protection to them and our customers.

We are encouraging customers with confirmed service works to contact and advise us if these works are to continue at alert level 4.

Unplanned Onsite Services

We will retain our on-call services throughout this time. We’ve already implemented a total split across our Engineering team to ensure that we reduce the risk of all Engineers being in compulsory isolation.

If you require onsite fault response, please call 0800 877 769 as you normally would, and an on-call Engineer will respond.

Access to product and parts

We have been proactively securing our supply chain since January and are holding good stocks of UPS models up to 80KVA and CSB batteries in a range of power ratings.

In the event of an excess demand on our ability to supply we will implement a priority tree for response. Essentially, this will prioritise life-preserving services (hospitals and emergency services) followed by essential infrastructure providers.

We have good stocks of small user installable plug and play UPS solutions that ensure key business staff can continue to operate from home. These are ideally suited to support personal computers, modems, ONT routers and VOIP phones.

For the duration of Alert level 4 we will make this stock available for purchase on our website. Dispatch will be via courier with a robust no contact delivery process in place.

Our Business Continuity Plan

UPS Power Solutions implemented a three stage Business Continuity Plan last week which is now in place and being followed.

Among other measures, our plan encompasses automatic fail-over systems and the ability to work remotely.

On-site attendances in centres where our engineers are required to fly will be contingent on transport operators providing this service.

Our team of experts is here to help you and address any questions you have, and you are able to contact them in the normal manner.

This strategy will enable us to rapidly respond to any essential services customer that has a critical requirement.

We appreciate that this is an evolving situation and consequently the above advice represents our current assessment. If the situation changes, we will review our response and communicate with you at that time.

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