The partnership between UPS Power Solutions and Eaton has been delivering value to New Zealand businesses for over 17 years. Over this time, the team at UPSPS has worked hard to become industry leaders in the deployment of fit-for-purpose power solutions, designed around UPS products and equipment from the global manufacturer.

The partnership goes well beyond simply distributing Eaton products across New Zealand. An ongoing collaboration, founded on mutual customer-first principles, sees the two companies work together on training, innovation, testing and satisfying the unique requirements of every customer.

This year the Authorised Service Provider and Authorised Distributor agreements between Eaton and UPS Power Solutions were reviewed and refreshed. Updating the agreements is a reflection of how the partnership has progressed and evolved, underlining the increased levels of service and support customers enjoy today.

Graham Blackmore  |  Sales Director, UPS Power Solutions

Graham Blackmore established UPS Power Solutions in 2003 and is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading UPS and power quality experts.

“Since the early 2000’s I have been involved with Eaton products, firstly as a service engineer and then as a sales engineer with UPS Power Solutions.

The excellent product performance and quality for which Eaton is recognised is complemented by UPS Power Solution’s customer-first ethos and in country technical expertise that truly sets UPS Power Solutions apart as  an Eaton Distributor.

The Eaton range provides us with the versatility and customisations to engineer fit-for-purpose solutions and deploy them with the confidence that they will be well supported throughout their installed lifetime.

Partnering with Eaton to deliver a power quality solution for New Zealand’s largest data centre in 2009 was a significant milestone in the relationship and an excellent showcase of the strength and value of this relationship.

My visit to Eaton’s main production and testing facility in Finland established a direct path to the source of cutting-edge product development which enables us to deliver the industry-leading service and expertise our NZ customers rely on.

Eaton encourages engagement and openness around technical collaboration whether its locally, via Australia or out of Europe and it’s this commitment that ensures excellent outcomes for New Zealand Businesses. 

The refreshing of our partnership agreements with Eaton reflects how far we have come over the past 17 years and strengthens the high standards of service and delivery our customers have come to expect.”

Filip Banovac |  Eaton – General Manager Service

Filip Banovac is a services professional with 25 years’ experience in the critical infrastructure industry. Banovac has been with Eaton for three years and has particular expertise in healthcare and data centres.

“After partnering together for 17 years, UPS Power Solutions has long been seen as a part of the extended Eaton family.

They deliver necessary coverage for Eaton service across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and are a key part of our journey as an organisation.

The agreements between our companies have been refreshed – not because we needed to, but to acknowledge Graham and his team’s continuing commitment and work.

What UPSPS provides us in New Zealand is quite unique within our network and we’re proud to provide them with unique access to the Eaton business as we increase our reach and capacity globally, delivering great value to customers.”

Andrew Khan  | Eaton Country Manager NZ & Pacific Islands

“During a tough year for the industry, UPS Power Solutions showed again why the long-term partnership with Eaton is so valuable to customers. Recognising there would be import delays, UPS Power Solutions was the first cab off the rank to secure sufficient stock for New Zealand customers.

Our long-term relationship and understanding of the market and each other’s businesses ensure our shared customer-first attitude will always deliver the best outcomes. This long-term partnership has been recently reaffirmed with the signing of refreshed Distribution and Service Partnership Agreements.

We recognise that technology is ever changing and it is important that our agreements reflect that. For customers, this means that they can have confidence that UPS Power Solutions and Eaton are working closely to deliver them quality product backed up by quality service.

Over the years UPS Power Solutions has developed a competent Eaton certified technical team that recognises the need to remain industry leading. Specialising in supplying the electrical market and in supplying complex three phase power quality solutions gives UPS Power Solutions customers peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with people who seek to continually develop their knowledge and capabilities and are eager to train with the latest tools and equipment.

2020 has been one of the most challenging years I can remember and from a customer perspective. Customers having New Zealand based, local support from Eaton and UPSPS continues to deliver certainty and confidence.

We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with UPS Power Solutions and were delighted to recognise this by awarding them Distributor of the Year 2020 for their hard work, tenacity and successful achievement of their targets for 2019.

The future is promising for Eaton customers with UPS Power Solutions continuing to provide a safe pair of hands for their power requirements.”

Sam Lingman |  UPS Power Solutions

Sam Lingman is a registered electrician and a senior engineer with UPS Power Solutions, having been with the company for six years.

“There’s nothing better than knowing I have the range of products to satisfy any customer solution before I even meet with them. The versatility and breadth of the Eaton range provides me with confidence that I can deliver the right solution.

After 6 years with UPS Power Solutions delivering Eaton solutions to the marketplace, I’m satisfied that we are offering the market industry leading equipment in terms of performance, quality and reliability.

For me, one of the most valuable aspects of partnering with Eaton is the access to technical training and expertise I’ve been given. I received regular training both in the Eaton factory in Australia and on the ground in New Zealand from Eaton specialists. Not only does this help us deploy the right solutions for customers but it has also been excellent in terms of my own
professional development.

Eaton also surpass other manufacturers in terms of the stock we have at hand. Knowing the right products will be available to me when I promise a solution to a customer or I need to fit a project to tight timelines is a crucial factor in our excellent reputation.

I’m proud to represent Eaton in the marketplace because it complements the excellent technical capabilities of the UPS Power Solutions team. The industry knows that a power strategy from us will surpass what they can get anywhere else.”

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